Centurion gate motor service in Johannesburg

April 29, 2022

Centurion Gate Motors not only install new Centurion gate motors, we also offer Centurion gate motor service to your existing gate motor. These could be older Centurion models such as the D5 EVO or D10 Industrial sliding gate operator. We also do offer upgrades to the new generation Centurion SMART gate motor range.


Fortunately, with these well manufactured gate motors they do not need too much maintenance. but it’s still important to periodically give your gate automation some TLC to ensure that it keeps running smoothly. 

The greatest cause of driveway motor damage are pests such as ants and rats.  Ants enjoy building nests in the gate motor cover as it keeps them safe from water. Rats are known to chew the wires. Placing an insecticide such as Blue Death can help to deter ants, spiders and lizards.  Moth balls help to keep rats away.  

We know that security is your priority so we always attempt to service and do maintenance to your gate motor on site. If this is not possible we bring the gate motor to our workshop and promise to service and repair your gate motor within 24 hours.  As automatic gates are no longer a luxury but an integral part of your security system, we strive to get your gate operating as quickly as possible.  

A driveway gate motor does not work in its own bubble. It connects to the gate via numerous elements.  It is actually these that are the most important to keep maintained.  These are where most issues arise with wear and tear. 

A gate that’s been neglected may show signs of wear and tear. A symptom of this is a gate that wobbles, vibrates or is very noisy.


The track:

·         Keep the track clear of leaves, sand and mud.

·         Check that the track is still securely fastened to the driveway. If it has come loose, it needs to be securely reattached.



Replace the wheels and guide-rollers if they are worn out.



Apply Q20 to the cog to ensure a rust free and smooth movement. Never use grease for Centurion gate motor service as it causes sand to stick to it and builds up into a thick paste which hampers the smooth movement of the gate.



The end-stops need to be secure.  If they have become loose they need to be re-welded.


Why is my Centurion gate motor beeping

March 11, 2022

Why is my centurion gate motor beeping

A customer recently logged a call as her Centurion sliding gate motor was not working. The symptom she gave was when the power was off caused  the centurion gate motor beeping two times every couple of seconds. When the power was turned on, the gate motor was no longer beeping but would not respond to being opened or closed via the remote control.Ssecurity was a serious concern for this customer, and leaving the gate on manual override over night would...

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Avoid a driveway robbery - trust your instinct

December 15, 2021

Did you know that 80% hijackings in Johannesburg take place in the driveway? These may be an opportunistic driveway robbery or pre-planned attack. This may include the theft of your phone, purse, jewellery and/car. The worst case scenario is criminals using this modus operandi to gain access to your house and steal electronic devices inside.

Here are some tips to stay safe over the holiday period:

1)    Remove the opportunity! When out and about in shopping centres or restaurants, do not wea...

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SMART garage door motor - Just launched by Centurion!

November 2, 2021

Centsys – or better known as Centurion has done it again! They have just launched their SMART garage automation range for doors up to 6.5 metres wide or 12 Square meters.  Centurion Gate Motors is a proud installer of this new generation tip-up and sectional garage door motor range. Centsys has been pioneering gate, garage automation and access control since 1986.  Centurion motors make your life easier than ever before.


Who does not enjoy the sheer spoil of pressing a remote control as...

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How a fast gate motor can prevent a driveway robbery

September 30, 2021

Be one step ahead with a fast gate motor to avoid a Driveway robbery. 

Unfortunately driveway hold ups are a reality in Johannesburg. There are two modus operandi that criminals use.  The first is opportunistic – whilst a gang cruise the streets identifying a soft target for their car or belongings such as cell phones, wallet and jewellery.  The second is more intentional. This is where a shopper’s jewellery or car gets targeted at a shopping centre and they get followed home.

Both way...

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Sliding or Swing Gate automation - your top 3 burning questions

August 24, 2021

Driveway Gates come in thousands of designs and many materials but only in two common configurations. These are either sliding or swing gate.

Sliding gates consist of one leaf gate.  Swing gates consist of two leaf gates.  But there can always be exceptions.  A single leaf gate can be automated to swing and two swing gates can be joined to slide with a gate motor.

If you have never automated your driveway gate and budget is limited, then you do not have much choice in the gate configuration...

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The importance of matching driveway gate weight and motor size

July 20, 2021

It is very exciting to have a new driveway gate manufactured.  Many choices of materials, designs and opening styles can be daunting. The weight of the gate is a fundamental consideration to make.

Just as exciting, is then having your driveway gate automated for your security and convenience.  There are many brands on the market and each brand offers its own range. So where do you begin?

Each motor operates within certain parameters of weight so knowing these metrics are fundamental. Do not...

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Best Choice of Driveway Gate

June 23, 2021

When it comes to the manufacturing of a new gate for your house or office, there are several considerations to bear in mind before choosing. The type of material is a critical choice.


Stainless steel, aluminium and wrought iron are the options when it comes to metal driveway gates. Which is best?


Stainless steel gates

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium. It is heavy, robust and strong. It does not corrode, rust, or stain with water like ordinary steel does. It therefore ...

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GSM technology and Centurion products

June 3, 2021

C   Centurion has embraced the benefits of mobile technology and have included this in their products.

1)      Intercoms - G-SPEAK ULTRA enables you to answer your intercom from anywhere.  The G-   ULTRA is a remote monitoring and control system which is GSM enabled. 

2)      Gate motors - Intelligent monitoring of CENTURION gate motor status. The G-ULTRA integrates      seamlessly with the new D5 SMART sliding gate motor.


C    Centurion offer free activations and notifications for life...

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Centurion D5 SMART wireless technology explained

April 29, 2021

Centurion D5 SMART wireless technology 

There is only one constant in this world and that is change. We see this most in the field of technology, and more recently wireless technology. What we could only dream of a few years and decades ago is now our day to day reality in our daily experience. Technology affords concepts to become tangibles. Technology turns dreams into reality. Technology turns the present into the future. This is the 4th Industrial Revolution – the Age of AI. 

Growth i...

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