Why is my centurion gate motor beeping

A customer recently logged a call as her Centurion sliding gate motor was not working. The symptom she gave was when the power was off caused  the centurion gate motor beeping two times every couple of seconds. When the power was turned on, the gate motor was no longer beeping but would not respond to being opened or closed via the remote control.Ssecurity was a serious concern for this customer, and leaving the gate on manual override over night would not be an option.  We sent out one of our technicians on the same day to assess the issue.  His diagnoses accurately concluded that the battery power supply charger had been damaged.  The customer confirmed that there had been severe lightening strikes in the area a day before noticing the Centurion gate motor beeping.  So the technician could explain why centurion gate motor beeping.  The battery was not being re-charged by the power supply charger.

The technician replaced the blown battery power supply charger with a new one.  We carry stock in our vehicles so that we can fix an issue immediately on site and not have to return later with the part. It was then observed that the battery was not charging fully and the gate was sluggish to open.  He then advised that the battery needed changing too.  Once this was done the sliding gate was back up and running to normal function much to the customers relief.

“Beeping” has been designed into the Centurion sliding gate motors to warn the home owner that something untoward has happened to the gate motor and it needs attention.

So what do the beeps mean?

3 beeps means the battery is running low. Either the battery is old or a severe thunderstorm with lightening could have tripped the trip switch on the DB board and therefore the battery is not being recharged.

2 beeps means the power supply (charger) has been damaged by lightning. This was the case with our customer.

4 beeps means that the gate has hit something in its way and can no longer fully open or close.

Why is my centurion gate motor beeping ? - other reason:

Problem with the internal drive circuitry