Centurion Gate Motors not only install new Centurion gate motors, we also offer Centurion gate motor service to your existing gate motor. These could be older Centurion models such as the D5 EVO or D10 Industrial sliding gate operator. We also do offer upgrades to the new generation Centurion SMART gate motor range.


Fortunately, with these well manufactured gate motors they do not need too much maintenance. but it’s still important to periodically give your gate automation some TLC to ensure that it keeps running smoothly. 

The greatest cause of driveway motor damage are pests such as ants and rats.  Ants enjoy building nests in the gate motor cover as it keeps them safe from water. Rats are known to chew the wires. Placing an insecticide such as Blue Death can help to deter ants, spiders and lizards.  Moth balls help to keep rats away.  

We know that security is your priority so we always attempt to service and do maintenance to your gate motor on site. If this is not possible we bring the gate motor to our workshop and promise to service and repair your gate motor within 24 hours.  As automatic gates are no longer a luxury but an integral part of your security system, we strive to get your gate operating as quickly as possible.  

A driveway gate motor does not work in its own bubble. It connects to the gate via numerous elements.  It is actually these that are the most important to keep maintained.  These are where most issues arise with wear and tear. 

A gate that’s been neglected may show signs of wear and tear. A symptom of this is a gate that wobbles, vibrates or is very noisy.


The track:

·         Keep the track clear of leaves, sand and mud.

·         Check that the track is still securely fastened to the driveway. If it has come loose, it needs to be securely reattached.



Replace the wheels and guide-rollers if they are worn out.



Apply Q20 to the cog to ensure a rust free and smooth movement. Never use grease for Centurion gate motor service as it causes sand to stick to it and builds up into a thick paste which hampers the smooth movement of the gate.



The end-stops need to be secure.  If they have become loose they need to be re-welded.