Be one step ahead with a fast gate motor to avoid a Driveway robbery. 

Unfortunately driveway hold ups are a reality in Johannesburg. There are two modus operandi that criminals use.  The first is opportunistic – whilst a gang cruise the streets identifying a soft target for their car or belongings such as cell phones, wallet and jewellery.  The second is more intentional. This is where a shopper’s jewellery or car gets targeted at a shopping centre and they get followed home.

Both way, both are extremely traumatic for the victim and possibly even life threatening. Follow home crimes are by no means a new crime trend. These incidents often result in armed robberies that occur in a driveway or while your vehicle is stationary. The incident takes place within minutes and the perpetrator's goal is to get what they want as quickly as possible.

There are two types of Follow Home crimes: Sourced and Opportunistic

Sourced Based

In this type of follow home the victim is sourced from a public space like a shopping mall, bank, restaurant, hotel, supermarket, airport etc.

High-end items or cash are identified on the victim.  The suspects then follow the victim home and conduct their attack when the victim pulls into a driveway or is in a vulnerable stationary position on the road.

Opportunistic Based Follow Home Crimes

Suspects will roam suburbs known for high-end vehicles and will opportunistically begin following that vehicle assuming that the driver has valuable items or cash with them. Once the driver of the vehicle is in a vulnerable position the suspects will initiate the crime.

How to avoid a driveway robbery:

  • Keep all valuables out of sight or do not wear them in public spaces

·  When out at a shopping centre always be cautious of who is around you - these gangs are professionals and will try to blend into the environment.

·  Always check behind you to see if you are being followed

·  Remember to always leave space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

·  If someone is driving behind you, pull to the left, slow down and let them pass before turning into your driveway gate

·  Do not turn into a driveway directly, pull off the side and wait at an angle while waiting for the gate to open

·  Upgrade to a fast gate motor like new generation model Centurion D5 SMART sliding

·  Before exiting your vehicle once inside your property - check who is around you and wait for your gate to close before exiting your vehicle.

If you notice you are being followed do not stop – drive to your nearest police station