Centurion D5 SMART wireless technology 

There is only one constant in this world and that is change. We see this most in the field of technology, and more recently wireless technology. What we could only dream of a few years and decades ago is now our day to day reality in our daily experience. Technology affords concepts to become tangibles. Technology turns dreams into reality. Technology turns the present into the future. This is the 4th Industrial Revolution – the Age of AI. 

Growth in technology has been one of the most predominant influencers of our time.  We see its powerful mechanisms for effecting societal growth and progress on a daily basis. 

Centurion Systems has been moving along this journey of innovation too. The motivation has been to solve technicians’ and customers’ problems and short falls of the older generation Centurion D5-Evo sliding gate motor. Cutting edge technology has been bundled into the new generation sliding gate motor – Centurion D5 SMART. This is a revolution” asserts the company’s national branch manager, Johan Lessing. “It’s a total game-changer [that is] pushing the limits of technological innovation and giving the world a fully intuitive gate automation solution”.

The innovation does not stop here. Their designated design team is continuously pushing the envelope of speed, intelligence and technological sophistication to create a superior user experience at all interface levels. 

The design team conceptualised the D5 SMART’s blue print in such a way that the customer can effortlessly and remotely add new elements to its functionality as they become available using nothing but a smart phone and the Centurion’s MyCentsys Pro mobile app. 

These are current elements you can add today:

1)   Courtesy Light timer functionality

For added peace of mind and security, you can determine how long the light should remain on for, once the gate has been opened/closed. 

2)   Break-in and Ambush Alarms

When the gate is in the fully closed setting, but the gate beams are interrupted, the break-in alarm will siren.  

Watch this space for more applications and easy, mobile app-based setup and configuration. 

Centurion D5 SMART wireless technology aims to exploit the massive potential of remote connectivity working hand in hand with advanced functionality and supported by smart hardware.