Did you know that 80% hijackings in Johannesburg take place in the driveway? These may be an opportunistic driveway robbery or pre-planned attack. This may include the theft of your phone, purse, jewellery and/car. The worst case scenario is criminals using this modus operandi to gain access to your house and steal electronic devices inside.

Here are some tips to stay safe over the holiday period:

1)    Remove the opportunity! When out and about in shopping centres or restaurants, do not wear flashy high value jewellery. Criminals often source people by targeting those wearing expensive watches and jewellery which results in follow-home crimes.

2) Trust your instinct. When Christmas shopping for high-end items especially electronics be vigilant of other shoppers around you.  Check if anyone is watching your spending and has followed you into the parking lot.

3)    When driving home from shopping, check if anyone is following you.  If you suspect someone is taking the same turns as you drive directly to your nearest police station.

4)    Turn the music off. Listening to the radio or your favourite download can be a big distraction as to what is going on around you.

5)    Keep your car windows closed. A small gap in the window allows criminals to stick their fingers in and force the window down.  This allows them to get access to you, your jewellery and open your door.  

6)    Wait on the side of the road and let cars pass you while your gate opens. This gives you space to leave if you notice any suspicious activity while waiting to drive in. Put your phone away, wait in your vehicle and remain vigilant before your gate closes behind you once inside your driveway.

7)    Upgrade your gate motor to the fastest version available such as the Centurion D-5 SMART sliding gate motor.

8)    Tell family members of your imminent arrival. This is suggested if you have made a large expensive transaction at a store. Someone can be waiting near the gate and call the alarm if there is suspicious behaviour of an impending driveway robbery.