Centsys – or better known as Centurion has done it again! They have just launched their SMART garage automation range for doors up to 6.5 metres wide or 12 Square meters.  Centurion Gate Motors is a proud installer of this new generation tip-up and sectional garage door motor range. Centsys has been pioneering gate, garage automation and access control since 1986.  Centurion motors make your life easier than ever before.


Who does not enjoy the sheer spoil of pressing a remote control as you approach your garage door.  Not only does this save your back from lifting a load or getting wet in the thunder shower but it has now become an essential safety and security feature for living in Johannesburg.


Having developed the D5 SMART sliding gate motor two years ago, the design team is filled with experience and knowledge and putting intelligence into motion. This new generation design is quiet, elegant and smart.


These new generation motors are faster than the Centurion SDO4.  This improves their safety offering to you.


With unforeseeable continuous load shedding schedules in South Africa the extended battery life is welcomed for its uninterrupted convenience during power outages –

Battery supply 2 x 3.4Ah 12V DC.




Main features of the SDO4 SMART tip-up and sectional garage door motor: 

·         Smartphone integration

·         Intuitive electronics and mechanics

·         Advanced safety and collision-sensing technology

·         Changeable speed – up to 9m/min

·         Compatible with Photon SMART wireless beams

·         App-based management of remote controls

·         Intruder detection

·         Door status monitoring

·         Can operate off a solar supply

·         Can increase battery capacity for longer standby times

·         Automate domestic garage doors safely and reliably

·         Requires infrared safety beams to be fitted


Important considerations before having a garage door motor installed:

·         The ceiling structure is adequate enough to support the weight of the SDO4 SMART

• The garage door is in good working order, meaning: • it opens freely; • it is well-balanced;

 • It does not move on its own if left in any position for more than 100mm;

• it can be installed to have sufficient clearance between moving parts when opening or closing to reduce the risk of personal injury and / or entrapment