Driveway Gates come in thousands of designs and many materials but only in two common configurations. These are either sliding or swing gate.

Sliding gates consist of one leaf gate.  Swing gates consist of two leaf gates.  But there can always be exceptions.  A single leaf gate can be automated to swing and two swing gates can be joined to slide with a gate motor.

If you have never automated your driveway gate and budget is limited, then you do not have much choice in the gate configuration. This will be determined for you. If you have good budget and are installing a new gate and new motor then the following questions need to be pondered on in order to make the best decision for your home.

Sliding gate

1)How Much Space Do The Gates Need?

Sliding gates and swing gates are very different when it comes to space. Any sliding or swing gate requires space to move into. Sliding gates need to slide along a continuous, straight track parallel to the property wall. It needs to be as wide as the opening until the gate has completely cleared the opening. Swing gates move through an arc from hinges on the columns.  This is usually into the driveway so as not to hurt any paedestrian on the pavement. Therefore nothing can be left in this space to stop the gates from fully opening. Sliding gates do offer more off-street parking in the driveway as do swing gates.


2)Which Is Faster?

To open fully, swing gates move a shorter distance than a sliding gate and are therefore slightly quicker to open because of this. 

3) Which Is Safest?

Any gate automation installed without due consideration is not safe be it either sliding or swing gate automation

Sliding gates move across stationary surfaces so they have the potential to cause shearing and crushing injuries. Swing gates can cause pinching and crushing injuries at the hinges and impact and crushing injuries as the gates swing open.

Sliding gates should not be installed on slopes as they require more force to push uphill and higher breaking force to stop them accelerating downhill.

Swing gate

Centurion sliding gate motors
Centurion swing gate motors