It is very exciting to have a new driveway gate manufactured.  Many choices of materials, designs and opening styles can be daunting. The weight of the gate is a fundamental consideration to make.

Just as exciting, is then having your driveway gate automated for your security and convenience.  There are many brands on the market and each brand offers its own range. So where do you begin?

Each motor operates within certain parameters of weight so knowing these metrics are fundamental. Do not fall into the trap of choosing a motor for a lighter gate due to budget constraints.  Gate motors, whether they are sliding or swing are manufactured with weight specifications.  Each manufacturer, such as Centurion will specify the maximum gate weight that can be pushed by their motors.  You should not install a motor which has a maximum weight limit under the actual weight of your gate. The motor will be under powered, likely malfunction and cause damage to your gate motor by pushing a weight that is too heavy for the motor.

Centurion gate motor options:

Range of sliding gate motors:

·         D2 Turbo can push up to 250 kgs

·         D5 Evo and the new generation D5 SMART can push up to 500 kgs

·         D10 industrial sliding gate motor, the D10 Turbo high-speed industrial sliding gate motor and A10 Endurance can push up to 1000kg

·         A10 Heavyweight can push up to 2 000kgs

·         The 884 operator has been manufactured to handle the heaviest commercial or industrial-type gates in the simplest, most convenient way. It can push up to 3 500 Kg

Range of swing gate motors:

·         VANTAGE linear swing gate motor V400 ,2.5m = 500kg <4m = 150kg V500 ,2.5m = 750kg <4m = 230kg

·         FAAC 770N - Residential swing-leaf gates with a single-leaf length of 3.50 m
and maximum weight of 500 kg

·         FAAC 400 - Large, robust operator suitable for gate leafs up to 7m.

Our technicians will advise you with the best industry knowledge as to which motor size will be your perfect match, considering your driveway gate weight.