When it comes to the manufacturing of a new gate for your house or office, there are several considerations to bear in mind before choosing. The type of material is a critical choice.


Stainless steel, aluminium and wrought iron are the options when it comes to metal driveway gates. Which is best?


Stainless steel gates

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium. It is heavy, robust and strong. It does not corrode, rust, or stain with water like ordinary steel does. It therefore requires little maintenance, which makes it a desirable material for gates.


This material is a very good choice for high traffic driveways such as townhouse complexes and office complexes.


The caveat is that its weight means that powerful motors are required to operate this type of gate. Plus a more rigorous maintenance schedule is required because the mechanism is working harder and so is vulnerable to wear and tear.



Wrought iron gates

When it comes to classic driveway and garden gates, many people think of wrought iron.  There’s no denying that beautifully-crafted wrought iron gates have real aesthetic appeal - particularly when matched with a period property. However, although it looks the part, wrought iron is not necessarily the most practical material for automated gates.


While it is a strong and robust metal, iron is vulnerable to rust because it oxidises in the presence of water and oxygen. That chemical reaction is accelerated when salt is added. So they are definitely a no-no if you are living on the coast with sea mist.  Iron needs priming plus a final coat of enamel paint in order to seal it from the elements. Maintenance is high on these types of gates.


Joints or hinges on the gate are also at risk of rusting which, over time, affects the structural integrity of your gate, making the gate unsafe.


Secondly, wrought iron is heavy. 

Thirdly, wrought iron is also the most expensive material for a metal gate.


Aluminium gates

Aluminium is lighter than stainless steel, but still incredibly strong. This significantly reduces the power required to move the gate by automation.  There are numerous sliding gate motors and swing gate motors on the market that are perfect fits for this weight of gate. A less powerful gate motor is also more cost-effective.


Aluminium gates do not rust like iron gates, or do they rot like wooden gates.  Aluminium gates  are covered with a robust coating that provides protection against the elements.  The surface coating also means maintenance is mostly limited to an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt.


Aluminium is best choice of driveway gate – increasingly becoming the material of choice.