Interview on MixFM with Mark, Marketing Manager at Centsys, the manufacturers of Centurion D5 SMART sliding gate motor. 


“So tell us about this new gate motor that Centurion has developed.” 


“We have just launched our new flagship gate motor, which is called the D5 SMART.  It is the evolution of the D5 EVO, which is probably the best known sliding gate motor in South African.  Centsys are market leaders in gate motor manufacturing. We have innovation at the heart of the brand, so we are always pushing. Our brand essence is how to make life easier for our customers. Now with this gate automation, it's not only just about opening and closing gates anymore, it is actually about security. We wanted to address these things with the new D5 Smart - main features and benefits with this mindset.” 

“The motor is twice as fast as the Centurion D5 EVO, which you had before. And I am sure you guys know that hijackings happen predominantly in driveways.  By speeding up the speed of your gates you minimise the risk of being hijacked there."

"The next big problem is obviously break-ins at the gate, which is normally your weakest point of security of your home. Theft of gate motors is also becoming a big business. So we needed to address these. We came up with two really cool things on the motor. The one being a vibration sensor. So there is a siren if the gate motor itself is tampered with, and if the gate is rattled or lifted. A notification can be linked up nicely to one of our GSM devices, which can go through to your alarm system or alarm company.  You can also get a notification on your phone." 

"The sliding gate motor also has a patent pending antitheft catch cage, which runs through the gearbox. So if you break that you break the gearbox, the motor is useless and then the black market black cannot be supplied.  Older generation motors got lifted off their plate if there was no gate motor anti-theft bracket on it."