When we consider security for our home, the onion layers approach is best.  

Regarding crime in South Africa these layers include a perimeter wall, electric fence, automated driveway gate, automated garage door, house alarm and burglar bars. 

Domestic Staff
Have you ever considered your staff to be another layer of security to your home?

This does become a complicated issue as staff can either strengthen your defence or become the weakest link to the security of your house.  We entrust our homes to our domestic staff whilst we are away in the office or travelling. 

During these times they are the first point of contact for criminals so strategies need to be put in place to keep these incredible ladies and gentlemen safe.  They carry a heavy responsibility in looking after your home’s security whilst you are away.  Therefore it is important to train your staff on security protocols such as knowing where panic buttons are and who to phone. Carrying a panic button around their neck is first prize.  A list of emergency services on the fridge is highly recommended too. 

A lot of suburbs run domestic workers awareness groups – register your staff with them and allow them to attend.  They will pick up what is happening on the ground in the suburb and be alerted to scams.  

Many incidents in the home are a result of information being provided to criminals by those who have access to the property, this can either be intentional or unintentional.  Educate your staff not to talk to others about your times away from the house e.g. going on holiday.

It is vital to make sure you really know who you are hiring to work in your home and with your family. Solid references and police clearance are an absolute must. This includes
an ID check and fingerprint check to ascertain whether the individual has been involved in any crime. This is done off the IDECO SAPS System.

We also strongly advise one not to hire contractors who do not vet their own staff. 

Centurion Gate Motors does vet their staff members, ensuring your house security in Johannesburg.