Automated garage doors not only provide convenience by not having to get out your car and lift up a heavy door, they also provide much needed security in Johannesburg due to risk of high-jacking.  Yet if they are not installed correctly, they can cause serious harm to person and property.

It is not recommended to install your own garage door automation for safety reasons.  Let us auttomate your garage door with the Centurion SD04.

All garages will come with doors but it does not mean all garage doors can be automated.  The two most comment types of garage doors that can be safely automated are sectional/panel doors that roll up and down and one piece tip up.

These garage door can only be converted to automation if the door is in good working order i.e. no damaged or missing parts, the door is balanced and the springs are not worn.  Springs need to be replaced every 4-5 years.

There are some doors that cannot be automated for safety reasons.  This includes the “tip in” or “cam-spring” type door. Automation of this door fails to comply with the safety standard of the SABS.  Due to movement of the door mechanism, the force applied by the motor can be up to 40 times stronger.  The motor is therefore unable to accurately sense obstructions in its way.

The choice of an experienced garage door motor installer cannot be emphasised enough. Choose an installer that uses motors that adhere to the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) standards of safety and security and also installs according to these standards as well.  SABS-IEC 60335-Part2-1995 sets down certain safety standards for the automation of garage doors.

Should any automated garage door, which is not installed according the SABS safety standards, cause injury or worse to any person, or damage to property such as a car. Both the owner of the property and the installer can be held liable for damage.

Owners are advised not to accept installation of gate automation by an installer that is not following the SABS-IEC guidelines of safety and security.  This includes the electrics being neatly wired and adequately secured.  Warning signs and instruction labels need to be placed in easy viewing of the customer.

By law, your gate motor installer is obliged to teach you the correct use of the motor and best maintenance practice of your motor and door.  Contact Gate Repair Services to assist.

If your garage door motors were damaged by lightening, a power surge or vandalism, it's covered by your homeowner policy.