Automate your garage door with the Centurion SD04

The Centurion SD04 is the idea garage door motor for sectional garage doors as well as the tip-up type. Not only does this locally manufactured motor offer reliability and durability but it offers a range of convenient features that go beyond what you’d expect.

From a courtesy onboard light that lights up your garage when you arrive home to its low power consumption and garage door service monitoring technology – this motor has everything you could possibly need and more!

While an automated driveway gate has become standard for any South African home – many owners are still unsure as to whether or not they should automate their garage doors.

If you tend to park our vehicle inside your garage rather than on your driveway or find it uncomfortable and inconvenient to have to get out of your car to open and close your garage then it’s time to automate your garage doors.

Centurion SDO4 Garage Motor Features

One of the most outstanding features of the SD04 garage door motor is that the system can be charged using solar power. It is also very efficient when in sleep mode which can help reduce power consumption. The 24V motor can also easily switch from main power to battery power in the event of a power failure.

This garage door motor incorporates an anti-crushing system that will ensure the garage door motor reverses its course should an obstruction be detected. With the holiday lockout mode you can secure your garage door electrically to ensure no one gets in or out while you’re away. In this mode no remote control will be able to open the garage door.

The Centurion SD04 also allows you to enable the autoclose feature so you can rest assured that you garage door will never be accidentally left open. You can also override this feature easily should you which to leave your garage door open for a longer period of time.

The SD04 T10 Garage Door Motor

The SD04 T10 model can be used for tip-up and sectional garage doors up to 12m2. This makes it ideal for the majority of residential garage doors. The maximum door width is 6.5 meters.

The SD04 T12 Garage Door Motor

The Centurion SD04 T12 model can be used for tip-up and sectional garage doors up to 15m2. This makes it ideal for larger garage doors. The maximum door width is 6.5 meters.

What’s Included in the SD04 Garage Door Opener Rail Kit

The Centurion SD04 garage door opener rail kit and door operator drive kit includes a drive rail, punched angle iron, mounting kit, towing and header bracket, straight and bent towing arm as well as two code-hopping remotes, a rail hanger and a wireless wall switch for the T12 model.

Contact us for your Service and Repair Needs

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