The brainy option when it comes to your driveway gate automation 

In March 2020 Centurion (local South African brand) launched its new state of the art sliding gate motor. The Centsys team, who were responsible for the conceptualization of the new generation sliding gate motor, brags of design technology that beats their previous motor designs. Convenience, safety and customer experience were at the top of the team’s list when involved in this new invention.

Centsys has been designing driveway gate motors for over 30 years and with this accumulation of knowledge and experience this advanced gate motor is an amazing upgrade on the current D5 EVO motor. It maximises AI technology to integrate platforms.

This driveway gate motor gives ingenious feedback and easy cell phone interface and operation.

5 reasons to raise the stakes and install the Centurion D5 Smart!

1-      Speed. It is twice as fast as the older generation Centurion D5 EVO.  We all know that the driveway is the highest risk area of being a victim of a hijacking.

2-      Theft.  Twice as difficult to steal due to rods that pass through motor. If these rods are removed the motor is damaged and has no resale value.  The motor also has vibration sensors, so if tampered with an alarm will sound.

3-      Battery Backup.  The motor is fitted with two battery packs for 2x longer power supply, which is convenient during pesky load shedding.

4-      Wireless user interface - easy setup and configuration from your phone.

5-      Diagnostics and logging – convenience with advanced diagnostic feedback, smart logging and reporting.


The installation of the sliding motor is so easy, looking neat and tidy with canny wire storage.

The modern technology used in this gate automation system:

§  1500 button multichoice NOVA memory remote

§  Smart phone set up

§  The system runs on 24 V

§  Customised profile for personalised inputs and outputs

§  The motor can push up to a 500 kg driveway gate mass

§  The motor runs at speed of 30m/min

§  An onboard code-hopping multichannel receiver

§  Solar supply can run this gate motor

So upgrading to the 
Centurion D5 Smart sliding Gate Motor is a no brainer!