A layered approach to your house and property security is strongly recommended by Gate Repair Services. It begins at your perimeter wall.  Make sure your wall is sturdy with no loose bricks or gaps for someone to squeeze through.  Install an electric fence on the top of your perimeter wall. On the inside install security beams. Your driveway gate poses as a break on this security so make sure it is strong and that it has an anti-lift bracket.  Having gate automation goes without say.

Think of an onion with security measure as the layers.  If an intruder tries to break through the multiple layers of the onion they are going to get more than just burning eyes. The key is to have varied security measures that each take time to intercept or are not penetrable due to their strength. The ultimate goal is to prevent a single point of weakness. 

Your home houses your most precious valuables, most importantly your loved ones. One needs to develop security conscious habits to keep everyone safe such as setting your house alarm at night. In general 50% of house burglaries take place occur between 18h00 and 06h00.  Also set your alarm when you leave your home during the day.

Once a criminal’s gains entry through a weak perimeter wall or driveway gate, they will then gain entry through weak or open windows or doors.

5 Tips to improve your home’s internal security



1)     Burglar proof your windows


2)     Take a look at your doors - sliding doors and exterior doors need to be protected with security gates.  These security gates need to be locked properly throughout the day and night.


3)     Well placed passives and sensors need to be strategically placed around your house and property. Please be sure to routinely check that these are always in good working order.


4)     Be able to separate your bedroom and living room areas at night with a lockable door or security gate.


5)     Make sure to have panic buttons on hand throughout your home. Sleep with your cell phone next to your bed.


Implement these tips over the holiday period to ensure improved your home’s security.