Gate safety beams are simple devices which detect whether there is a person or object in the path of your electric gate. If an obstruction is detected, the gate will automatically stop and reopen, ensuring that people, pets and vehicles are not injured and damaged by your electric gate.

Gate Repair Services strongly recommend that all clients have a set of gate safety beams installed for both safety and security reasons. We strongly recommend the Centurion range of high quality hard-wired and wireless gate safety beam products as they offer maximum performance and durability, as well as a sleek look, at a reasonable price.

Here are the top 5 reasons that you should install gate safety beams:

1.       Installation Allows you to Enable your Auto-Close Function

Without infrared safety beams installed in your driveway you should never enable your gate’s auto close function as it poses a serious risk to people, children, pets and vehicles who may accidentally get caught in the path of the gate.  Installing gate safety beams means you can enable your gate’s auto close function and rest assured that no accidents are going to occur.

2.       Prevent Damage to Vehicles Entering and Exiting your Property

The primary purpose of gate safety beams is to ensure that a gate does not automatically close while a car is in its path. Should the safety beams detect an obstruction a signal will be sent to the electric gate motor instructing it to stop and reopen. To prevent damage to your vehicles and those of visitors, gate safety beams are a necessity.

3.       Prevent Injury to People and Pets

Just as a vehicle can be damaged by an automatically closing sliding or swing gate, a person, small child or pet can also be severely injured if struck by a closing gate. This is actually much more common than most people think, with dogs and children sustaining very serious injuries requiring medical attention as a result of a gate closing while they were in the way.

4.       Prevent Robberies and Home Invasions

Many people are of the belief that gate safety beams will allow robbers to stop their gate from closing and attack them in their driveways. Firstly, you must never drive away from the gate until it has closed securely behind you. Secondly, the fact that the gate opens when someone passes in front of the beams means that your gate is open for you to quickly reverse or drive out of your driveway and call for help.

5.       Can Assist in Detecting Intruders and Gate Tampering

Gate safety beams can be linked up to your home security alarm and should someone be standing in front of your gate to prevent it from closing a signal will be sent to your home alarm and security company thereafter.  Safety beams are therefore a simple, durable and cost effective addition to your home security system.

People sometimes believe that hijackers use the beams to keep the gate open so that they can get to you. This is true, however, the hijackers simply stop the gate with their hands or foot and the gate will reverse, and they get to you. More important is that you close the gate as quickly as possible.  Most people do not close the gate IMMEDIATELY they are through.  

Using the IR beams you can program the gate to close the second you are through the gate removing the human factor in closing the gate. It will do it automatically for you while still keeping the safety element.  If you go to our videos on this site, there is a video of this happening to one of our clients. The solution -  put in beams and activate the PYREC mode on the motor.  Also install the fastest motor you can get.